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The difference between the terminal block and the connector

The terminal block is a kind of accessory product used for electrical connection. It is used for the connection of the wire. It is actually a piece of metal sealed inside the insulating plastic. There are holes at both ends, and the wire can be inserted. Can be divided into plug-in terminals, European-style terminals.

terminal blocks

Zhejiang Sipun Electric Co.,Ltd. is specialized in developing,manufacturing and marketing terminal blocks.

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Zhejiang Sipun Electric Co.,Ltd. is specialized in developing,manufacutring and marketing terminal blocks

Zhejiang Sipun Electric Co.,Ltd

is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing terminal blocks, electric connecting pieces and other switching equipment. Our company relies on the advanced management pattern, consummate craft facility, and fine mold processing technology and equipment to guarantee product quality.

Our company was RoHS certified by Chinese quality center in May, 2006. We passed the European Union RoHS environmental protection certification. We passed EX authenticate issued by the national explosion-proof center examination in 2006. We are the first manufacturer which has passed this certification in China.

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