SDJ-1004 High Current Terminal Block

SDJ-1004 High Current Terminal Block




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The SDJ series of terminal blocks with large current adopt the closed integral structure of plate screw pressing base, and the nominal voltage is 800V, but the rated current has seven kinds of specifications, including 60A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 300A, 400A, 600A.
According to the number of connection point, it can also be divided into 3P and 4P. The area of section is 10-240mm².
This product has a simple structure and is convenient to be installed. If combined with TO-type tip, it will be more firm and reliable and can be used as the wire in various electrical devices.
This series has dust cover PVC white marker attached.

Packing Information

Packing unit       4 STK
Minimum Order Quantity        4 STK


L/W/H 136*54*38 mm
Rated Voltage 800V
Rated Current 100A
Pole 4
Color Black
Material PC
Connection type Screw
Screw type M6
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