SEK4RD  Screw Fuse Terminal Block

SEK4RD Screw Fuse Terminal Block




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Universal install feet, Can use in din rail TH35-7.5/TH35-15/G32-18/G32-15.
Use the bridge and jumper can easy to distribution  potcntial.

Packing Information

Packing unit       50 STK
Minimum Order Quantity          50 STK
Weight of each(not include packing box)     18 g


L/W/H 8*58.5*43.5 mm
Nominal cross section 4 mm2
Rated current 6.3 A
Rated voltage 800 V
Color Beige
Insulating material PA66
Connection type Screw
Screw type M3
The minimum cross section(Rigid wire) 0.5 mm2
The maximum cross section(Rigid wire) 4 mm2
The minimum cross section(Soft wire) 0.5 mm2
The maximum cross section(Soft wire) 4 mm2
Cover SEK-4RDG
Bridge /
Jumper UEB 10-8
Marker ZB3
Apply Fuse size 5*25
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